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Re: [IPk] to pump or not to pump

>I am also extremely frustrated that despite my best efforts my
>blood sugars can still go up for no obvious reason.

Moira - What sort of thing do you mean by bg's shooting up for no obvious
reason? I'll give you an example of me today: I went to bed last night at
4am. I was charged up with espresso, and working efficiently, so I worked
late into the night. I know from experience that this sort of thing can
throw the control a bit. Bg was 3.8 when I went to bed, so I took a
spoonful of glucose powder, and a bit of rice-pudding left over from
dinner. Woke up this morning at 10am. Bg was 9.6. Bit high, but felt fine.
3 units, then sex, then a further 2.5 units with a big bowl of cereal with
drinking chocolate on top. I was playing a bit fast and loose. Couple of
large mugs of coffee during the morning. Then Julia says let's go out for
lunch. Check bg. 14.3. Shit. Loads of things could have cause it. Infusion
set was 24 hours old, and it looked fine. Very late night, sex, loads of
caffeine, high carb breakfast - these can all destabilise my bg's. But
they're all things I choose to do. 3.7 units would be a correction for the
14.3, but to get some extra insulin in the system ready for lunch - which
would include beer - I took 5 units by syringe, just to be sure. Had a
great lunch. Couple of pils beers, and venison. Bg is now 4.1. Again, the
beer has added to the uncertainty.

So I don't beat myself over the 14.3. I correct it, and move on. It still
leaves me feeling I'm in control, rather than out of control.


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