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Re: [IPk] New Pump Centres

If a diabetes centre shows real interest in using insulin pumps we will of
course start the new user in this centre and fully involve their medical
team .

Our goal is not to limit the no. of diabetes centres using pump therapy but
to try to maintain standards of care and safety .

It is worth noting that the best results with pump therapy are usually
obtained in centres where they have several pump users .
The medical team then gains more experience in dose selection and adaptation
,exercise and meal bolus guidelines , troubleshooting and simpler but
important issues like catheter selection , site location ,
advice for wearing the pump etc .

Centres can however obtain good results if they have only one pump user .
However a larger  burden then falls to the individual as there is more of a
trial and error philosophy .

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From: Diana Maynard <email @ redacted>
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Date: 16 August 1999 13:20
Subject: Re: [IPk] to pump or not to pump

>> My preference at this time is to refer potential pump wearers to these
>> clinics .
>> You may have to travel furthur to meet and discuss with these doctors and
>> nurses but at least you will be confident that they understand the
>> situation, have witnessed the benefits of pumps , have been fully trained
>> and are competent in all areas  .
>Does that not mean though that, effectively, the other clinics are not
>going to be learning about pump therapy?
>if I go to my doctor and say I want to be on a pump and he agrees, and
>we go through the learning process together (with the help of
>Minimed/Disetronic and whoever), then he will then be able to continue
>with other pumpers. If we restrict pumpers to the clinics that already
>are familiar with pumps, we are preventing the world of pump therapy
>to be opened up to the other clinics (in practice).
>> Please also understand that Di's situation was unusual as she initially
>> no contact with Minimed or AMT .We were not aware that she had started on
>> pump as she obtained the pump from a source overseas .
>This is true. However, John Neale went through a pump company and i
>don't recall him being given any pump training. I'm not maligning
>Minimed or anything.
>I think it all depends on (a) how confident you are about setting out
>and (b) the route you go through. A lot of the pumpers started off on
>clinical trials where obviously they got the full training through the
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