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Re: [IPk] to pump or not to pump

> And everyone with a life-long chronic condition like diabetes _should_ be
> reading the books, to the best of their ability, to augment the care they
> receive at their clinic.

> Di - it is because you are an independent thinker that you are doing a PhD,
> and not stacking shelves at the local supermarket... The people who
> invented insulin pumps also said WHY and WHAT IF.

more random thoughts about pumping and independent thinking....

Some people with diabetes are lucky, in that they can blindly follow
whatever regime their doctor happens to like, and they can get great
control and live a happy life.

Unfortunately, most of us aren't like that.
Some people just accept it (I know I did for years). Others start
questioning what they're doing. They start reading books, talkign to
other people, suggesting things to their doctors, even making changes
themselves (horror of horrors). A very few people hav a pump suggested
to them. Some enquire about it and are given the go-ahead. Others just
decide to do it anyway.
But to get to that stage, you've got to have gone through a lot of
whys and whatifs, and you've pretty much got to have messed around
with your diabetes yourself and tried things out.
So, the same should apply to pumping. Just because it's something new
doesn't mean you can't experiment. So, maybe after years of
experimenting with my diabetes, I resent being told how to do things
with the pump. I ask questions, but as most of you know, I don't
always follow the advice I'm given!!! I think sometimes the
"professionals" - be they pump reps, doctors, nurses, whatever - tend
to forget that pumpers as a breed (at least in countries like the UK
where it's not standard treatmenr) are independent thinkers who aren't
going to follow any blanket advice approaches.
Again, no disrespect to anyone.


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