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Re: [IPk] to pump or not to pump

> On a more personal pumpers note I am struggling a bit at the moment. I seem to have trouble finding a site that is
> comfortable and two times out of three I can feel the needle sticking in to me and it is quite niggly and uncomfortable. 

I can sympathise as I've just been going through the same thign
myslef. I couldn't get a site to last more than 2 days and wherever I
tried kept hurting. However, my last site appears to be fine and I'm
into the third day with no problems. I think it's just one of those
things that happens occasionally. My body's been under a lot of stress
recently - emotional stress, accompanied by a breakout of eczema and
infections which is a sure sign - so I think it might be all
related. My body just decided it had enough to sope with without a big
needle stuck in it too! I too am reasonably well padded <g> but I've
found that the shorter needle (ie Sil vs. Sofset) works better. OK, I
know the Sil is actually longer, but it ends up shallower because it's
at an angle.

have you tried giving your stomach a rest and moving to, say, your
leg? I've even used a Sil successfully in my arm.

The problem with your blood sugars might jsut be realted to all the
stress and frustration. Or it might just be a "bad spell". Even on a
pump I think you're going to get those occasionally (unless you're
very lucky). It might well be linked to your hormone cycle too. I
don't know if there's any connection between allergies to H and U so
can't help there.

I tend to get scared too about the high Bg and worsening
retinopathy. But think about when you were on MDI. I bet this is doing
you far more favours than MDI did in terms of your BGs. I worry about
waking up with a BG of 8.5. but this time last year I was regualrly
waking up with a BG of 12, often 17!

Hang in there and try to keep a perspective on it all. I've really
found that keeping my stress levels down works wonders. In fact I've
recently discovered the wonders of rosemary. I put it on my pillow at
night and I seem to sleep so much better, which does wonders for my
morning BG!

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