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[IPk] Control angst

>On a more personal pumpers note I am struggling a bit at the
>moment. I seem to have trouble finding a site that is
>comfortable and two times out of three I can feel the needle
>sticking in to me and it is quite niggly and uncomfortable.
>I assumed being well padded that this would not happen but
>perhaps I actually need a longer needle being on the
>plumpscious side ? I cannot go on changing sets every other
>day as this will get prohibitively expensive. Would people
>actually keep a Rapid in for more than two days or is it
>only the Tender that you can keep in for three?

Moira - Sorry to hear you've not yet found "your" infusion set. Your
experience with Rapids sounds rather like mine. Do give the Tenders another
go. Or are they significantly more expensive?

>I am also
>extremely frustrated that despite my best efforts my blood
>sugars can still go up for no obvious reason. I am still
>wrestling with the idea of going over to Humalog

We're all waiting to hear about it :-)

All the best


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