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Re: [IPk] Pumps and the BDA

>I am going to cheat and try and answer all the various
>questions, requests etc. in this one reply. Di, I know
>Dorothy Cartwright very well as she is sort of my boss in a
>voluntary kind of way. She is chairman of the Voluntary
>Groups Committee which is composed of all the
>area-coordinators like me. I will give her a ring and see if
>she will throw her hat in with me about organising something
>for the conference in Blackpool.

Moira - I too am very excited about the idea of a Blackpool BDA push. If I
understood your earlier post correctly, can you only attend if nominated by
your local branch for one of two places? Is there normally a strong demand
to go, or are they typically trying to persuade someone to go? Bristol is
notionally my UK branch, although I have never had any actual contact with
them. (I use my parent's address in Bristol as it's cheaper than paying a
foreign subscription) Or is VG not the same as a branch?

At a recent JDF conference I met a girl called Charlotte who has set up a
new BDA branch for some area of south London. I don't know if you've come
across her. City soliciter I think. I wonder whether to bring her in on
this, or "use" one of her allocated spaces...

A small matter of an impending birth may intrude on my travel plans for
Feb. I shall have to consult with a certain mother-in-waiting first.


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