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Re: [IPk] to pump or not to pump

> I haven't been active in our local group because I always got the
> impression that it wasn't somewhere I'd fit in. But since I've only
> ever spoken to the coordinator (Dorothy Cartwright) I'm just being
> judgemental. I really don't have the time right now for much, but I can give you her contact details if you want. She is
> pretty active on the BDA front from what I gather. I have no idea if I
> will still be in Manchester by February - in fact I may not even be
> still in the UK - but if I am I might well be interested in the
> Blackpool conference. Please keep me informed of your plans.
> Di

I am going to cheat and try and answer all the various questions, requests etc. in this one reply. Di, I know Dorothy
Cartwright very well as she is sort of my boss in a voluntary kind of way. She is chairman of the Voluntary Groups Committee
which is composed of all the area-coordinators like me. I will give her a ring and see if she will throw her hat in with me
about organising something for the conference in Blackpool.

I think it would be great if Distronic and Mini Med had stalls at the conference and got involved in a pane discussion and I
will contact both John and Morag about taking this further once I have sounded out the program committee for the conference.

On a more personal pumpers note I am struggling a bit at the moment. I seem to have trouble finding a site that is
comfortable and two times out of three I can feel the needle sticking in to me and it is quite niggly and uncomfortable. I
assumed being well padded that this would not happen but perhaps I actually need a longer needle being on the plumpscious
side ? I cannot go on changing sets every other day as this will get prohibitively expensive. Would people actually keep a
Rapid in for more than two days or is it only the Tender that you can keep in for three ? I am also extremely frustrated
that despite my best efforts my blood sugars can still go up for no obvious reason. I am still wrestling with the idea of
going over to Humalog but had a terrible experience with an allergy to Ultratard years ago that I am scared ridgid to change
insulins. I am also worried that if the pump doesn't work out for me that I am doomed to crap control on MDI and I don't
think I can face that ! I hate hypos but I also don't want to have really high bgs and end up with my retinopathy worsening.
Help, I need reassurance or something. I may also be suffering from Phdstudentitis wich is of course a serious condition !
Four years of studying and experimenting and now endless days in front of the computer which my rotten my eyes are not happy
about. So what am I doing in front of the computer again, I'm off !

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