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Re: [IPk] to pump or not to pump

>My point was more that not all of us go down the "approved route" to
>pumping, due to various reasons. In such a case, we may get little
>support and have to rely on things like the books, the Internet and
>the help of other pumpers. And it is perfectly possible to go down
>this route, though not necessarily advisable.

My German diabetes consultant feels that internet support groups play an
extremely important role in diabetes care. He encourages his patients to
join them. They don't replace the healthcare professional-patient
relationship, but they fill a lot of the gaps which are inevitably left.

And everyone with a life-long chronic condition like diabetes _should_ be
reading the books, to the best of their ability, to augment the care they
receive at their clinic. When I asked my Bristol clinic for a reading list,
I was met with blank stares... I'd be interested to know what other clinics

>I play with
>fire. I experiment. I have to know WHY and WHAT IF. But I have to do
>it myself. I doubt I would have benefited much from training. But I
>realise that most people aren't like me (thank goodness!).

Di - it is because you are an independent thinker that you are doing a PhD,
and not stacking shelves at the local supermarket... The people who
invented insulin pumps also said WHY and WHAT IF.


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