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Re: [IPk] to pump or not to pump

Sorry, John N, I wasn't trying to malign you either. 
I seem to be putting my foot in it a bit these days :-)
I publicly apologise for any offence I may have caused to
anyone. people seem to have viewed all my supposedly positive comments
as negative ones, which wasn't how they were intended. I'm a bit
stressed out with things right now so I may have been a bit hasty.

My point was more that not all of us go down the "approved route" to
pumping, due to various reasons. In such a case, we may get little
support and have to rely on things like the books, the Internet and
the help of other pumpers. And it is perfectly possible to go down
this route, though not necessarily advisable. I'm not suggesting
anyone do what I did, or that training isn't available. Just that some
people may not have access to it for whatever reason.
Even if you don't get the support of your clinic, that doesn't mean
you can't switch to a pump. There are ways and means.

I have to add though (OK, playing with fire again here) that I prefer
to learn through my own trial and error. If someone tells me something
I have to test it for myself in any case.
Again not to be recommended, but I once stopped all my long-acting
insulin to see what would happen (when on MDI). OK, I knew what would happen in
theory, but I had to test it for myself. It's the same with pumping. I
had to test for myself what would happen if I changed the reservoir
without changing the tubing (nothing), if I left the set in for 4 days
(nothing), if I didn't prime the pump after a set change (not to be
recommended!), etc. etc. Now I could have been told al that during
training, but I would still have had to test it for myself. The basic stuff I learnt from books etc. or commmon
sense. The nitty gritty stuff I had to figure out for myself,
regardless of what anyone told me. But that's just me. I play with
fire. I experiment. I have to know WHY and WHAT IF. But I have to do
it myself. I doubt I would have benefited much from training. But I
realise that most people aren't like me (thank goodness!).


> Just to clear my name... I have never suggested anyone do what I did! I was
> in exceptional circumstances, working abroad on temporary contracts,
> without access to diabetes healthcare. I therefore went through a private
> specialist who carefully vetted and approved what I was doing.

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