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Re: [IPk] to pump or not to pump

Has anyone discovered a way of sticking down a Sil with additional
tape (say when it comes a bit loose), and then being able to get it
off again without pulling the whole set out?
Or do you just cut a hole in the middle?
I've tired that but I find it very hard to get the tape in the right
place (since I have to feel what I'm doing and the tape then gets
messed up - another reason why I prefer Sils to Sofsets).

Also, what tape do you use to stick on additionally?
With Sofsets you get a spare bit, but with Sils you don't get any

I've just tried some Mefix which is fantastic. Sticks well, doesn't irritate and is
easy to use. however, I only have it because I was given it by the
orthopod for taping my knees, so when that runs out I don't
know if I can get more from somewhere.

I don't normally need extra tape but sometime after a lot of swimming
or dancing (or when I just catch it on something) it comes a bit loose.


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