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Re: [IPk] to pump or not to pump

> My preference at this time is to refer potential pump wearers to these
> clinics .
> You may have to travel furthur to meet and discuss with these doctors and
> nurses but at least you will be confident that they understand the
> situation, have witnessed the benefits of pumps , have been fully trained
> and are competent in all areas  .

Does that not mean though that, effectively, the other clinics are not
going to be learning about pump therapy?

if I go to my doctor and say I want to be on a pump and he agrees, and
we go through the learning process together (with the help of
Minimed/Disetronic and whoever), then he will then be able to continue
with other pumpers. If we restrict pumpers to the clinics that already
are familiar with pumps, we are preventing the world of pump therapy
to be opened up to the other clinics (in practice).
> Please also understand that Di's situation was unusual as she initially had
> no contact with Minimed or AMT .We were not aware that she had started on a
> pump as she obtained the pump from a source overseas .

This is true. However, John Neale went through a pump company and i
don't recall him being given any pump training. I'm not maligning
Minimed or anything. 

I think it all depends on (a) how confident you are about setting out
and (b) the route you go through. A lot of the pumpers started off on
clinical trials where obviously they got the full training through the

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