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Re: [IPk] to pump or not to pump

Pat and Di ,
Thanks for your comments .

In my experience I have found that there are only about 5 to 6 clinics in
England where the medical team are really convinced of the benefits of pump
therapy and where the staff are thoroughly qualified to support every aspect
of insulin pump therapy .

My preference at this time is to refer potential pump wearers to these
clinics .
You may have to travel furthur to meet and discuss with these doctors and
nurses but at least you will be confident that they understand the
situation, have witnessed the benefits of pumps , have been fully trained
and are competent in all areas  .

Please also understand that Di's situation was unusual as she initially had
no contact with Minimed or AMT .We were not aware that she had started on a
pump as she obtained the pump from a source overseas .

In this case Di unfortunately didn't benefit from the thorough hands on
training that we give to all new pumpers and their medical team .
Also due to the lack of early contact we were not able to assist with
troubleshooting  .

Please be assured that both companies offer good  support during the
initiation period and then provide a full follow-up service which includes
discussion of ongoing practical and clinical  issues with the individual and
also the medical team .

 Ray Morrissey and I have both worked with insulin pumps for over 10 years
and have more than 200 successful pump users in the UK and many thousands
throughout Europe .

The UK model does sadly differ from many European countries due to lack of
NHS resources but the situation in several other countries was similiar
 Italy , Israel ] and pump use has now been accepted and become more readily
available in these regions .


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>In message <009301bee58d$f8fc8240$email @ redacted>, estelle lucas
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>>Well, it is a big decision, especially in view of the fact that you
>>>may get little practical support (compared with, say, people in the US or
>>much of
>>>the rest of Europe)
>>Hi Di
>>I'm just curious as to what you mean by practical support.  Do you mean
>>Becky's own medical team?  I can't speak for Minimed but we provide full
>>ongoing support via Rita and we fully advocate the involvement of the
>>patients medical team in the event of training, etc, , even if we have to
>>drag them kicking and screaming....:-)
>I think Di was perfectly clear, and correct.
>I do not doubt that you 'fully advocate', and 'drag kicking and
>screaming': but as a potential pumper, I like Di, remain convinced that
>even with someone already pumping, with a manufacturer acting as
>advocate, the diabetes team at Borsetshire General Hospital are at best
>going to view a pumper as someone they can't help, and at worst, someone
>to blacklist.
>In fact, the main thing, I think, which is holding me back is the fear
>that my consultant (the first in nearly 20 years who has actually
>listened properly) will suggest that I leave his clinic.
>Could you post a list of those clinics where you have not only dragged
>the horses to water, but have evidence of them drinking?
>Pat Reynolds
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