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Re: [IPk] to pump or not to pump

> you would not have on multiple injections. It is whether the gains are worth the
> problems and you will only be able to decide by trying it out, so go ahead and
> try !

The sort of problems you end up facing are mostly things you would
have never even have contemplated trying to solve on MDI. Like "
shuold I increase my basal by 0.1 units for 2 hours or by 0.2 units
for 1 hour. When I think that on MDI I was increasing or decreasing my
insulin by a minimum of 2 units, whose effect lasted 12 hours!

  I was wondering if anyone or everyone
> is a BDA member and whether they belong to a branch and attend Voluntary Groups
> Conference.

I haven't been active in our local group because I always got the
impression that it wasn't somewhere I'd fit in. But since I've only
ever spoken to the coordinator (Dorothy Cartwright) I'm just being
judgemental. I really don't have the time right now for much, but I can give you her contact details if you want. She is
pretty active on the BDA front from what I gather. I have no idea if I
will still be in Manchester by February - in fact I may not even be
still in the UK - but if I am I might well be interested in the
Blackpool conference. Please keep me informed of your plans.

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