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Re: [IPk] to pump or not to pump

Dear Becky,
I spent over a year deciding to give the pump a try. I eyed it up at conferences
and read website etc. I definitely recommend try before you commit and I am on a
months free trial with a Disetronic pump. There are loads of questions that can
only be answered by actually trying a pump and you have nothing to lose by
giving it a whirl. My diabetes team were actively hostile to me going on a pump
but when I said I would do it anyway then they had little choice but to go along
with my wishes and support me, anything else would be neglect !  In a fashion
you do replace one set of problems with another but you also gain things that
you would not have on multiple injections. It is whether the gains are worth the
problems and you will only be able to decide by trying it out, so go ahead and
try !

Saw your letter in Balance, well done !  I was wondering if anyone or everyone
is a BDA member and whether they belong to a branch and attend Voluntary Groups
Conference. If the answer is yes then I am hatching a little pumpers plot for
the next conference in Feb.  If you are a BDA member could you let me know and
also if you know could you tell me who your area-coordinator is.  I think it is
time the rest of the BDA membership got to hear and see more about pumps and
pumpers, any comments ?
By the way I tried to bump myself off by forgetting to take the backing paper
off my Rapid infusion set when attaching it to me and had pretty scary bgs until
I went to change sets and discovered what I had done, is this a first ?


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