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Re: [IPk] to pump or not to pump

Hi Becky
Well, it is a big decision, especially in view of the fact that you
may get little practical support (compared with, say, people in the US or much of
the rest of Europe) if you do go ahead. I'm not sure if other people
can really appreciate what a big decision it is. but certainyl for me,
the pump has been life-changing.

To a certain extent you do swap one set of problems for
another. However, the difference is that there are solutions to the
pump problems most of the time. And mostly you can figure out why a
problem has occurred and prevent it happening again.

Even though I did have quite a few problems initially, I never once
thought about returning to injections. Not even when my BG had been at
25 mmol/l for 12 hours! But maybe that's just me - I'm always
determined to battle things out and I won't give up when I've put my
mind to something. If you'r ethe sort of persons who has to have
instant solutions then maybe it's not for you. It does take time (for
most people).

You pretty much know my story behind how I started on the pump. The
fact that I had a pump "on my plate" made it easier to make the
decision though. I did think long and hard about it. I discussed it
with some non-Dm friends. I made a list of the advantages and
disadvantages. I was apprehensive about it all. But deep down I knew
this was what I had longed for for years. At the end of the day, I
figured that it was somethign I had to try or I would never know. And
if it didn't work out, I could always go back to injections. I think
Minimed will loan you a pump to see if you like it, before you make
the decision. So, you really have nothing to lose by trying it.


> more questions for me.  I want to go into this with an open and informed
> mind as I see it as quite a big decision to take, especially if I'm going to
> have to spend hard earned cash on a pump.  Can anyone out there provide
> evidence to suggest you don't just swap one set of problems with injecting
> with another set while pumping.  I know pumping won't cure all the problems
> but I suppose I want to know how others have come to their decision to try
> it out.

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