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Re: [IPk] basal rates

Hi my name is Euan my i have 3000 units a day and over nite my basel rate is
only 1.5
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From: Diana Maynard <email @ redacted>
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Date: 10 August 1999 10:19
Subject: Re: [IPk] basal rates

>> I was wondering if everybody has variable basal rates or does anyone have
>> rates and do most people seem to need higher basals at night or what ?
>> nightime basals start at 0.9 and up at 1.6 by the time I get up in order
to keep
>> my bg reasonable.
>Wow, almost identical to mine!
>Except I'm just in the process of lowering them across the board again!
>  How long did it take most people to work out
>> their basal rate when they started ?
>Well I'm still not entirely there after over 4 months!
>But basically after a month I had it roughly right. Since then it's
>just been minor tweaking.
> I had sort of decided that when I go to
>> America in October to set a flat basal rate at my lowest and then take it
>> there. I figured it didn't matter that my morning would be lower as my
>> wouldn't be the morning anyway (if you know what I mean). I also assume
that it
>> takes the body clock a few days to reset so starting on flat rate would
be okay
>> until the body sorts itself out.
>I would bnever have thought of doing this, but now I ythink of it, it
>seems to make sense. I guess your body gets pretty screwed up anyway
>with the time zones, so it makes more sense not to mess it around
>further. At least that way you won't be giving the highest basal when
>it really needs the lowest.
>For some reason everytime I go to the States my
>> bgs go wild and refuse to come down, I am wondering if the same thing
will happen
>> on the pump.
>Whenever I go abroad, my Bgs take a complete dive for the first few
>days and then gradually come up again (on MDI). So that seems to be
>another good reason for taking the lowest basal for the first few
>> Observation: Loads of you on this site seem very musical, is this also
>> related or is a requirement of being a pumper ?
>Did I miss something here? I never heard anyone talk about music at all
>except for John N. I used to do a lot too but have had to give up most
>of it now.
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