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[IPk] to pump or not to pump

Dear All

I have now been reading the list for a couple of weeks and am thinking about
asking my consultant to move me from 4 injections a day to a pump.  I met up
with Di this week and learnt alot about pumps from her, but it also raised
more questions for me.  I want to go into this with an open and informed
mind as I see it as quite a big decision to take, especially if I'm going to
have to spend hard earned cash on a pump.  Can anyone out there provide
evidence to suggest you don't just swap one set of problems with injecting
with another set while pumping.  I know pumping won't cure all the problems
but I suppose I want to know how others have come to their decision to try
it out.

Have any of you tried it and then thought about returning to daily
injections ?

How did you find the swap over ?

thanks in advance for your comments

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