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Re: [IPk] Music

>I heard on the news that it pissed with rain in Munich just as the eclipse
>was about to

Not strictly true. Scattered showers and sunny intervals. Added to the
suspense and spectacle. Where I was (in the Hofgarten, behind the Residenz
Museum) the light was rapidly fading and with a minute to go a large cloud
covered the sun. And then at the last second, the sun reappeared through a
thin gap, complete with a glimpse of Baileys Beads. (These are bright
points of light, caused by the suns rays being focussed through two deep
valleys on the moon) It was extraordinary. Then it was covered again. Then
you heard an enormous chorus of shouting sweeping through city, as another
gap opened up. The corona in its full glory. The massed crowds errupted in
shouting and applause.

Then the heavens opened, and the curtain of the temple was rent in twain
etc etc.

And my bg stayed steady, despite having eaten nothing all day. I was
probably fasting to increase the mystical experience.


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