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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V1 #92

Robert email @ redacted
08/12/99 12:03 PM


I'm new to this list, so, typically, i'll start with a question. I've been
pumping for nearly 3 months and i still have not been able to get the right
bolus:basal:cho rate for my breakfast . The rest of the day i am in
reasonable control, but breakfast remains a problem. My present Bolus: CHO
rate is
1:20. However if i apply this ratio to my morning meal, within an hour my BG
shoots up from about 5.5 mmol/l to about 16mmol/l  stays there for an hour
and then goes  back down to its original value about 4 hrs later. If i take
more insulin with breakfast then i go too low before lunchtime.  Does anybody
have any advice on how to avoid this early morning excursion?

Reards, Robert.

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