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[IPk] site problems

Recently my sites only seem to be lasting a maximum of 2 days before
they start hurting, and leaving a bigger mark and lump than usual. I
stopped using Skin Prep a couple of months ago (basically because I
ran out and never got any more). I wonder if going back to using this
(or some other barrier) might help? I know, your answer's going to be
"try it and see" but I was just wondering if anyone had any
opinions. I used to be able to last 3 days easily. It seems to be the
same no matter what site I use, and the needles are going in perfectly
and not coming out bent. No problems with absorption either.

John N - I seem to remember you had exactly the same problem. I think
your solution was just to end up changing every 2 days, but did you
try other alternatives?


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