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[IPk] Music

>Observation: Loads of you on this site seem very musical, is this also
>related or is a requirement of being a pumper ? Should we form a band, the
>musical Pumpers ? Could fame and fortune be just around the corner ? I love to
>sing and am part of the Brighton Community Choir and play classical and
>guitar. I used to play saxophone but had to sell it because it made the
>dog howl

Aha! So we'll be competition for the Pump Girls? (www.pumpgirls.com). Not
sure I look so good myself...

Deep down, there may well be a very slight correlation between music and
pumping. Musicians lead irregular lives, and so are more likely to use a
pump, since that's what pumping helps you cope with. There is also a link
between maths and music (something to do with musical activity when young
helping the maths part of the brain develop), so musicians may be more as
ease coping with the numbers part of carb counting, basal setting,
correction bolus calculation and so on.

But computer types are definitely more likely to use a pump :-)

BTW Saw the total eclipse in Munich yesterday. What an extraordinary

And if anyone is interested to know, my wife is now 12 weeks pregnant.
We've just announced this to the world. We're expecting our first child at
the end of next February.


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