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Re: [IPk] basal rates

> I was wondering if everybody has variable basal rates or does anyone have flat
> rates and do most people seem to need higher basals at night or what ?  My
> nightime basals start at 0.9 and up at 1.6 by the time I get up in order to keep
> my bg reasonable.

Wow, almost identical to mine! 
Except I'm just in the process of lowering them across the board again!

  How long did it take most people to work out
> their basal rate when they started ?

Well I'm still not entirely there after over 4 months!
But basically after a month I had it roughly right. Since then it's
just been minor tweaking.

 I had sort of decided that when I go to
> America in October to set a flat basal rate at my lowest and then take it from
> there. I figured it didn't matter that my morning would be lower as my morning
> wouldn't be the morning anyway (if you know what I mean). I also assume that it
> takes the body clock a few days to reset so starting on flat rate would be okay
> until the body sorts itself out. 

I would bnever have thought of doing this, but now I ythink of it, it
seems to make sense. I guess your body gets pretty screwed up anyway
with the time zones, so it makes more sense not to mess it around
further. At least that way you won't be giving the highest basal when
it really needs the lowest.

For some reason everytime I go to the States my
> bgs go wild and refuse to come down, I am wondering if the same thing will happen
> on the pump.

Whenever I go abroad, my Bgs take a complete dive for the first few
days and then gradually come up again (on MDI). So that seems to be
another good reason for taking the lowest basal for the first few
> Observation: Loads of you on this site seem very musical, is this also diabetes
> related or is a requirement of being a pumper ? 

Did I miss something here? I never heard anyone talk about music at all
except for John N. I used to do a lot too but have had to give up most
of it now.

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