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Re: [IPk] Carb Book

Ditto,. I got it on Saturday from WHSmiths.
A bargain at 3.99 too!
Actually the print isn't that small - not nearly as bad as most similar books!
It doesn't have bagels in though :-(

> Estelle - thanks for recommending the Collins Gem Calorie Counter. Lovely
> book. It turned up today via Amazon. Small, compact, hard wearing and well
> laid out. Both specific brands and general food. Just the big 5: Calories,
> fat, protein, carb & fibre.
> Did you know that chocolate digestives have less carbohydrate than plain
> digestives :-)

I wish you hadn't told me that :-)
I expect they have more fat though.....

> One area confuses me - beer.
> The Collins book gives draught bitter at 2.3g CHO per 100ml. This equals
> 13g per pint.
> But the Pan Complete Carbohydrate Counter gives draught bitter at 42g per pint.
> Which is right?

I had thought it was somewhere in between - around 30g per pint. That
worked spot on for me last time anyway!

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