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Re: [IPk] basal rates

> My rates are quite varied (lowest - 0.9, highest - 1.5) and I would be
> a bit scared to run during the night at 0.9 instead of 1.3 -
> that's over 3 units difference over 8 hours.
>  Hello everybody,

I was wondering if everybody has variable basal rates or does anyone have flat
rates and do most people seem to need higher basals at night or what ?  My
nightime basals start at 0.9 and up at 1.6 by the time I get up in order to keep
my bg reasonable. Is there an average amount of basal or is it totally dependent
on age, weight, activity etc. ?  How long did it take most people to work out
their basal rate when they started ? I had sort of decided that when I go to
America in October to set a flat basal rate at my lowest and then take it from
there. I figured it didn't matter that my morning would be lower as my morning
wouldn't be the morning anyway (if you know what I mean). I also assume that it
takes the body clock a few days to reset so starting on flat rate would be okay
until the body sorts itself out. For some reason everytime I go to the States my
bgs go wild and refuse to come down, I am wondering if the same thing will happen
on the pump.

Observation: Loads of you on this site seem very musical, is this also diabetes
related or is a requirement of being a pumper ? Should we form a band, the
musical Pumpers ? Could fame and fortune be just around the corner ? I love to
sing and am part of the Brighton Community Choir and play classical and electric
guitar. I used to play saxophone but had to sell it because it made the dog howl

Musically ? yours,

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