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Re: [IPk] Carb Book

>Yes, the print is fairly small unfortunately.  The best advise I can give is
>that they sell these books in WH Smiths, so go along on Saturday and have a
>look before you buy.

Estelle - thanks for recommending the Collins Gem Calorie Counter. Lovely
book. It turned up today via Amazon. Small, compact, hard wearing and well
laid out. Both specific brands and general food. Just the big 5: Calories,
fat, protein, carb & fibre.

Did you know that chocolate digestives have less carbohydrate than plain
digestives :-)

One area confuses me - beer.

The Collins book gives draught bitter at 2.3g CHO per 100ml. This equals
13g per pint.

But the Pan Complete Carbohydrate Counter gives draught bitter at 42g per pint.

Which is right?


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