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Re: [IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V1 #89

Thanks Hilary.
Wow, that certainly sounds complicated!
Never heard anything like that before.
So, does that mean you only change the clock on the pump after a few days? 
I can't quite figure out why the actual rates would change though
(aside from a change in activity levels).
Was she skiing or something? 

My rates are quite varied (lowest - 0.9, highest - 1.5) and I would be
a bit scared to run during the night at 0.9 instead of 1.3 -
that's over 3 units difference over 8 hours.

Eek, I guess I'm going to have to spend my holiday basal testing!!!


> Di, I'll reply to this as Eleanor is on holiday at the moment. When she had
> her training she was told that when travelling as far as the US,to keep her
> basal rates as at home for the first couple of days then to reduce all her
> basal rates to her lowest, then over the next few days to gradually adjust
> to the new time zone with her normal basal rates,(meantime high BGs being
> adjusted with bolus). This worked spot on last year when we went to Canada,
> however when she came back her basal rates stayed at the minimum rate for 3
> weeks before she needed to adjust them back! Wierd!
> Hilary
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