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[IPk] Re: ip-uk-digest V1 #89

Di, I'll reply to this as Eleanor is on holiday at the moment. When she had
her training she was told that when travelling as far as the US,to keep her
basal rates as at home for the first couple of days then to reduce all her
basal rates to her lowest, then over the next few days to gradually adjust
to the new time zone with her normal basal rates,(meantime high BGs being
adjusted with bolus). This worked spot on last year when we went to Canada,
however when she came back her basal rates stayed at the minimum rate for 3
weeks before she needed to adjust them back! Wierd!
> I'm wondering what happens with my basal rates when I go abroad to
> different time zones. In particular, the dawn syndrome, which I now
> appear to suffer from.
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