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Re: [IPk] infection

> Di - get thee to a doctor.
> Or wait until it turns to septacaemia. You're choice...
> In 18 months I've never had a "proper" site infection. Looks like you've
> got your first one. It may clear up on it's own. But why risk it?

Now how did I guess you were going to say that?
I jsut have a pathologic aversion to my GP clinic.
Maybe it's because I always seem to end up there during the drug
addiction clinic (and since it's the clinic for Moss Side, there's
quite a few of them!).
Or mayb eit's jsut becasue 99 percent of the doctors are completely
incapable of doing th most basic things, like changing a
prescription. It took half an hour and an incredible amount of arguing
to get one doctor to change my prescription from Humalog cartridges to
Humalog vials. not exactly earth-shattering stuff. And then at the end
of it he asked me why I was taking Humalog. Well, duh......
he hadn't realised that, even after half an hour of me explaiting
exactly what I wanted and why I wanted it, that 
(a) Humalog was a type of insulin
(b) I was diabetic
(c) What an insulin pump was
(d) that I wasn't using a Novopen sinec I now had my pump

And that was just a simple request!

P.S. I'm fit to be seen again now the eczema has cleared up -
though I may have to have my ears repierced. Interestingly my control
was completely up a skyscraper during that time too - whether that caused the infection or
was the result of it I don't know.....

Good job I was away with only the cats and sheep for company or I'd
have had to spend 3 weeks with my head in a paper bag (no comments, John).

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