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[IPk] T1 US -v- UK

<< from John Neale>>

<<<Thanks for sharing that Paul. I find it very encouraging. You're doing
what I'm trying to do, and you're making it work. >>>      
Most of the time !!!!

<<<Didn't you know? "Type 1 diabetes" in the US is an entirely different
condition from a similarly sounding condition "type 1 diabetes" commonly
found in Britain. >>>
Now this has me puzzled, I am IDDM ie. my pancreas doesn't work any more,
how does the definition of this change from one side of the Atlantic to

<<<If any Brit used the "American method", it would be extremely dangerous
for everyone.>>>
What's different in the treatment between the UK and US? And does this work
the other way around too? For example should I be unlucky enough to become
ill when in the UK, what is a British doctor likely to do? Disconnect me
from my pump maybe?

Thanks for the insight into the potential problems

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