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Re: [IPk] Eating late

That's exactly the problem I had on MDI. Since I was using up loads of
energy - sometimes dancing for 6 hours straight through from 5-11 - I
would usually go low to start with and then go high as my basal
insulin ran out. 

I also usually do something active at lunchtime or in the afternoon,
like swimming or going to the gym, so I can't eat then either!
My solution is that I hardly ever eat a "proper meal" - I tend to just
eat bits of things throughout the day. Before you jump down my throat
for not eating properly <g>, most of it is very healthy! That way i
never end up doing anything on a full stomach. Again,
a nightmare to try and do on MDI, but so must easier on the pump.


> Also my insulin regime meant my lunchtime Actrapid essentially provided my
> early evening basal. So if I delayed my evening meal, my basal would run
> out and my bg shoot up. So I had to take extra short bursts of Actrapid to
> hold me over till after the show. The whole thing was chaotic. And this was
> a regime recommended to me by my endo, who knew my life-style.
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