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Re: [IPk] Bernstein

OK, I don't think I made it quite clear what I meant.
I'm not saying he should have been promoting pumps. But for someone
who is pretty much right up there where the facts about diabetes are
concerned, he had some very weird views about pumps. The two methods
aren't mutually exclusive either, in fact, they complement each other
quite well.
For type Is it really makes no difference to the whole low carb
approach whether you use MDI or a pump. Of course, if the low carb
approach really works at its best there is less need for a pump, but
even so.....

My point is really it's not so much the fact htat he slags off pumps
as the way he does it. For a practising diabetes specialist in the US
it would be nice to think that at least he had the facts about pumps,
if he is blatantly talking about them in his book.

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