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[IPk] Bernstein

>I have to say I was quite surprised he gave them such a negative
>view. I guess you have to know a bit about Bernstein and his methods
>to know where i'm coming from, but I thought it was very interesting.

That doesn't surprise me, Di. The Berstein book isn't required to promote
insulin pump therapy, in much the same way a book on insulin pumps wouldn't
promote a low-carb diet. But he's promoting his own favourite method, which
is cutting all carbohydrate from your diet, and getting your calories just
from fat and protein. Contrary to what you might expect, this appears to
reduce the risk of heart disease, and also make your bg's steadier. At
least for some. Not for others. And removing all carb from one's diet
requires a fairly major reworking of the meal concept. And personally
that's not a step I would be happy to make, giving that eating is a pretty
central part of our culture. But perhaps it no worse than becoming a
vegetraian, and removing all meat from your diet.


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