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[IPk] Eating late

>During the week my usual schedule involves going straight from work to
>dance classes or practice at about 6pm, dancing until 11pm and then
>getting home at around 11.30. By which time I need to eat! I can't eat
>when dancing althuogh I usually have something small like a piece of
>fruit before I start at 6.

This is very similar to the problems I had 2 years ago when I was working
with Frankfurt Opera. I would typically leave home at 6pm for a
performance, and return home at 11pm. If I ate before I left, that would
mean starting to cook at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Hardly an evening
meal. Or grabbing something in the cantine during the interval, but that
means singing on a full stomach, and the cantine food was mostly inedible.
Or eating after the show, either out, or back at home. But that meant
sleeping on a full stomach.

Also my insulin regime meant my lunchtime Actrapid essentially provided my
early evening basal. So if I delayed my evening meal, my basal would run
out and my bg shoot up. So I had to take extra short bursts of Actrapid to
hold me over till after the show. The whole thing was chaotic. And this was
a regime recommended to me by my endo, who knew my life-style.

You can see why I eventually decided it would be better if I took matters
into my own hands.


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