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Re: [IPk] Rikki-Lee and the Pump

Hi my name is Euan i am 13 and have changed insulin 15 times i am know on an
insulin pump it has helped a lot but i am still having a lot of trouble. I
have had tests and i have antibodies to all insulins  Pork Beef Human      I
am having a course of steroids to try and reduce the antibodies i am the
only person with this sort o diabetes and have been in a coma twice.
        I hope you do not have the problems i have how many units are you
having a day. I am having 3000 units a day

Euan Connelly
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From: Lloyd Lowry <email @ redacted>
To: email @ redacted <email @ redacted>
Date: 08 August 1999 12:35
Subject: [IPk] Rikki-Lee and the Pump

>            Hi , we have 18 year old daughter (Rikki-Lee) db for last 8
>years ( brittle for last 5).
>            Since the being of this year she has been very unstable,
>changed insulins 3 times in last few weeks , ever increasing doses of
>insulin per day , currently the time periods between doses is seeming
>to get shorter and shorter , and we are striggling to bld sugars below
>15 ..to us (and many others we have talked to ) the answer is a pump.
>            But normal things from consultant "only as a last resort "
>has anybody been in the type of overall situation and how did you cope
>           Can anydody suggest next things for us to do , Rikki-Lee's
>overall health is now becoming big concern and depression is setting in
>with her , help , any suggestions welcome
>            Best Regards
>            Rikki-Lee , Ki and LLoyd
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