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Re: [IPk] What they don't tell you

I had a look at my Bernstein last night (I've completely forgotten the
name of the book but he's the low-carb guy).
I dont' want to start anything about low-carbing here - suffice it to
say I know a lot of peole for whom it works - I tried it and it didn't
really work for me. 
But whatever you think about low-carbing, I think he is well worth the
read for some good info. 

Since he could be described as a "control freak", I wondered what he
had to say about pumps (he's American and a type I, also a practising
endo - oh, and the book was written in 1997).
There was a tiny paragraph on pumps which basically gave the
advantages and disadvantages.
Can't remember word for word, but it ran something like:
ability to get up late at weekends
you don't need to take shots every day

the usual long list of things like having to test more often, risk of
DKA, being attached to a pump all the time, running out of insulin,
and a few bizarre ones, complicated to use, unreliable etc. etc.

I have to say I was quite surprised he gave them such a negative
view. I guess you have to know a bit about Bernstein and his methods
to know where i'm coming from, but I thought it was very interesting.


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