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Re: [IPk] What they don't tell you

>Di,I am relieved to hear you say that I am similar to you and that the pump is
>really all about having the power to tweak when neccessary. I think I had
>expectations of the pump as everyboyd said it would give me perfect blood
>and that hasn't happened yet. However I can tweak things down and keep steady
>blood sugars. Maybe I need to rethink the purpose of having the pump.

An interesting excerpt from the Insulin Pump Therapy Book, on the subject
of expectations:

I need to allow 3-6 months to adjust to pump therapy.

Pump therapy is easy - I'll adjust straight away.

I will feel better on pump therapy.

The insulin pump will cure my diabetes.

I will have more freedom with my diet and the timing of my meals.

I will have a totally free diet.

I will have better blood glucose conrol, less fluctuation in blood glucose
levels, and less hyperglycemia.

I will have perfect blood glucose control with the pump. My postprandial
blood glucose level will always be normal.

I will have to check my blood glucose levels 4 or more times every day.

I won't have to check my blood glucose levels regularly.

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