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Re: [IPk] What they don't tell you

>Di,I am relieved to hear you say that I am similar to you and that the pump is
>really all about having the power to tweak when neccessary. I think I had
>expectations of the pump as everyboyd said it would give me perfect blood
>and that hasn't happened yet. However I can tweak things down and keep steady
>blood sugars. Maybe I need to rethink the purpose of having the pump. It would
>also appear that I am practically the only person using Humulin in the pump
>instead of Humalog but I am still distrustful of Humalog and have friends that
>have had bad experiences with it.

Moira -

Unless you've personally had bad experiences with Humalog, it's certainly
worth trying it out. It varies from person to person, of course, but I love
it as it works so quickly: you suddenly feel you have real-time control.
You're not left waiting for 2 hours while that correction dose of Humulin
slowly works through the system.

One issue is that Humalog can in some people reduce the time you can leave
an infusion set in. But you must establish that for yourself.

I've got a German friend who went onto the pump a few months ago. He'd
previously been on Humalog. But his clinic ensisted he went back to Regular
(=Actrapid/Humulin) and used Rapids until everything had settled down. Only
then was he allowed to progress on to Humalog and Tenders. That just seemed
to be the way they liked to do it at that clinic. It was infuriating for
Thomas, as he suddenly had to start waiting for the insulin to work, or
anticipating what he was going to eat. This rather defeats the spontaneity
of pumping.


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