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Re: [IPk] Carb Book

I thought going to bed immediately after a meal, on a full stomach, was bad
practice for everyone, diabetes or not. Julia hates eating less than 2
hours before bed. Gives her bad dreams and a bad night's sleep. A suppose
various digestion hormones and sleep hormones conflict with each other.

I've always found this a problem on holiday, when we tend to eat out and
eat late every night. And then straight off to bed.


>Yes, it's one of my main problems.
>But eating 4-5 hours before going to bed is not very practical. I
>almost never eat before 8pm - have never done - and often it's much
>later - and I try and get to bed before midnight. The thing is, I
>can't figure out why it should be a problem unless for some reason
>mealtime insulin is less effective when you're asleep. I know someone
>who is convinced that her mealtime insulin is exactly half as
>effective when she's asleep. It makes sense to me, as it really makes
>a huge difference to my post-meal BG what I'm doing directly after I
>eat. So maybe I need to set a temporary increase in basal rate for a
>couple of hours after I go to bed, if it's within a coupel of hours of

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