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[IPk] Rikki-Lee and the Pump

            Hi , we have 18 year old daughter (Rikki-Lee) db for last 8
years ( brittle for last 5).
            Since the being of this year she has been very unstable,
changed insulins 3 times in last few weeks , ever increasing doses of
insulin per day , currently the time periods between doses is seeming
to get shorter and shorter , and we are striggling to bld sugars below
15 ..to us (and many others we have talked to ) the answer is a pump.
            But normal things from consultant "only as a last resort "
has anybody been in the type of overall situation and how did you cope
           Can anydody suggest next things for us to do , Rikki-Lee's
overall health is now becoming big concern and depression is setting in
with her , help , any suggestions welcome
            Best Regards
            Rikki-Lee , Ki and LLoyd
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