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Re: [IPk] What they don't tell you

your story is so similar to mine (and I suspect a lot of other people's).
I gave up going to the clinic for eyars becasue I was fed up of being
told I was "bad". One specialist nurse even told me that since she was
a diabetic and able to get good control, there was no reason why I
shouldn't too if I did what she told me to. Well, for a start her
lifestlye was completely different. She told me to give up all sport
until I got my diabetes under control! Back then, sport was my life,
and I wasn't going to give up my whole life and sit around at home all
day jsut to get good blood sugars (and anyway, I thuoght exercise was
supposed to help good control? it certainly does with me).

When I started on the pump, various people said to me "Oh, you won't
get better control on the pump". But the point they missed is that
yes, pumping per se doesn't necessarily give you better control
(though not having the problems associated with long-acting insulins
may well do jsut that), but it gives you the *tools* to get better
control. That's why I don't think you should worry about all the tweaking and
fiddling with basal rates. That's the whole point of the pump. 

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