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[IPk] What they don't tell you

Hi Di,
I am relieved to hear  I am not the gruesome exception and that others have had to
fiddle and twiddle to get their basal correct. I always got the feeling at the
diabetic clinics that I was some sort of moronic space alien who just didn't grasp
the proper way to manage my diabetes and that everyone else in the entire world was
doing it better than me. I also hated the way 'bad' blood sugars somehow equated to
being a bad, out of control person.  What they never told me and what I realise now
is that just about everything affects your diabetes and unless you are willing to
lock yourself up in your house and do exactly the same thing everyday, at the same
time, and eat exactly the same food then you will have a bit of a rollercoaster
ride. I was advised early on by my diabetologist to stop living my life how I
wanted and start living it to suit my diabetes control. Even then (15 years ago) I
felt this was bad advice. One of the best things about the pump is that it has put
me in touch with all you lot and helped me to realise that the exception is no
exception but the rule !

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