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Re: [IPk] Oxford day

> You clearly know much more about these gatherings. But if it's anything
> like the JDF conference I went to last month, it's the people you meet
> rather than what is said that is valuable. What I'd like to happen is for a
> number of us with pumps to go there, and be seen. This is my pump - I am a
> normal person. I can eat whatever I like whenever I like and still keep a
> near-normal bg. It's a fairly compelling advert. If doctors won't promote
> them to their patients, we'll have to promote them ouselves to our fellow
> "travellers".

Yes, that's my main motivation for going. i have a feeling most of it
is going to be pretty much the Noddy approach to Dm, but it's one of the best
places to promote pump therapy.

I go to a lot of conferences for work and it's always the same. Going
to the presentations is pretty pointless since you can always read
their papers anyway, and email them with questions. But it's the talking to people, making new
contacts and demonstrating things that really makes it worthwhile.

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