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Re: [IPk] Carb Book

> > I am still having a few problems setting my basal. What works great for one
> >night doesn't seem to work the next. I am not quite sure whether I should
> >put up
> >all my nightime basals as mostly I am waking up high which takes a bit of
> >fiddling during the day to get right (14mmol in the morning). However
> >sometimes
> >I go to bed with 6 and wake up with 6 in which case if I raise the nightime
> >basal I would probably go hypo.

I had exactly the same problem for the first couple of months pumping.
My waking Bg seemed to have little connection with anything I had done
the night before.
I discovered through testing that my Bg would shoot up when I went to
sleep, and then come down at around 4am. SO I set my basals
accordingly. It all went cmoothly for a while, bar the odd blip, and
then suddenly I was waking up high every morning, so I changed the
basal so that it was flat through the night, and that now seems to be

I tend to sleep badly too and that certainly affects my BG.
Also, if I eat anything within a couple of hours of going to bed
(which I often do since 4 or 5 nights a week I don't get home till 11.30pm and
I haven't usually eaten) that seems to affect my morning BG.

I also found another weird thing. I was scared of going to bed with a
BG below about 6, for fear ofthe dreaded overnight hypo. Buut I've
found that if I go to bed with a BG of around 5, I get the best
morning BG (even if I tweak the basals it stil doesn't seem to
work). And I'm actually less likely to go hypo at night.

Nightime basals seem to be the hardest to set because they're
dependent on so many things. I found I just had to be patient and not
worry too much about them.

As for the trips aborad, I'm in exactly the same boat as you! GOIng to
Innsbruck in 2 weeks' time - not too worried about that - and the US
in a month's time. We'll have to compare experiences on our return!

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