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Re: [IPk] time zones

Thanks for the info, John!
Luckily the only things I need to change the time on are my watch and
my pump!
Last time I flew anywhere long-haul was to New Zealand and that was a real
nightmare DMwise! I wasn't even on MDI then though, just 2 shots a
day. it was pretty much a case of "guess a random amount of insulin at
a random time, and guess the BG - anywhere between 2 and 20". Oh, and
my luggage took 3 days longer than I did to arrive!
I'm really looking forward to seeing how much less hassle flying
should be with the pump!

What happens to test strips if they freeze? Anyone know?
Or does it depend on the type of strips? Just out of curiosity - I
don't plan to test it. On second thoughts, I might stick a couple of
different types of strips in th freezer and do a scientific

I'd be interrsted to know if it's safe to carry the sets in the hold

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