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[IPk] Oxford day

>I am not sure about going to the living with diabetes day. I have gone to
>a few and taken part in them as well and they all seem a bit samey. However if
>John and Di etc are going to be there I would love to meet them and put a face
>to their email !

You clearly know much more about these gatherings. But if it's anything
like the JDF conference I went to last month, it's the people you meet
rather than what is said that is valuable. What I'd like to happen is for a
number of us with pumps to go there, and be seen. This is my pump - I am a
normal person. I can eat whatever I like whenever I like and still keep a
near-normal bg. It's a fairly compelling advert. If doctors won't promote
them to their patients, we'll have to promote them ouselves to our fellow

Pat - it would be great to see you too, and anybody else who can make it
there. It's at St Anne's College. You can get details from Ana Lekaj
(email @ redacted) tel 0171 462 2612


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