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Re: [IPk] Carb Book

John hughes wrote:

> Moira
> Glad to hear that things are beginning to come right - from what everyone
> says it is worth the effort!

Hello John and anybody else out there,
 I am still having a few problems setting my basal. What works great for one
night doesn't seem to work the next. I am not quite sure whether I should put up
all my nightime basals as mostly I am waking up high which takes a bit of
fiddling during the day to get right (14mmol in the morning). However sometimes
I go to bed with 6 and wake up with 6 in which case if I raise the nightime
basal I would probably go hypo.  Then there are weekends of course. I am usually
more active running around doing stuff than during the week when I am slaving
away over my bench in the lab. However  I also drink more.  There just seems so
much to take into account every day that it sometimes seems quite daunting and
frustrating as I can have one good day and then have a bad day for no obvious
reason. Maybe I am just a perfectionist and at least if I have a bad bg day I
can give myself a bolus or two and keep my bg from going through the sky which
is what used to happen.  I am worried about travelling as well as I am going to
Brussels in September and Washington in October. I am not too worried about
Brussels, I will just keep myself on UK time for the week but obviously
Washington is more of a challenge. Everytime I went to Wash. before my bgs went
mad and stayed high until I came home. I am curious to see what will happen with
the pump. Maybe it is best just to set a flat basal when I go and then do any
tweaking as I go along ? Suggestions from seasoned travellers welcome.

I am not sure about going to the living with diabetes day. I have gone to quite
a few and taken part in them as well and they all seem a bit samey. However if
John and Di etc are going to be there I would love to meet them and put a face
to their email ! Who is going to the Disetronic training thingy day then ?

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