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[IPk] time zones

I'm wondering what happens with my basal rates when I go abroad to
different time zones. In particular, the dawn syndrome, which I now
appear to suffer from.

Do I just reset the clock on the pump?
I'm wondering whether my body will still think of the old dawn or the
new dawn (if you see what I mean).

Also, if you're going on a long flight across several time zones, when
do you change the time? I normally try and change everything as soon
as I get on the plane so my body clock adjusts, but I'm not sure what
to do with the pump. I'm guessing that for a long flight I'll have to
increase the basal anyway since I'm going to be less active than usual
(and that's normally taken into consideration with my basals).

I'm flying to Munich in a couple of weeks's time, so that's ony a 3
hour flight and 1 time zone, but I'm going to the US in September
which is a bit more of a difference.

I guess the answers are just "test and see" but if anyone has any
practical advice I'd be interested. I'm used to travelling with DM,
but is there anything to be aware of with the pump?

Also, I can't remember what the consensus was about whether airport
Xray machines are potentially hazardous (to the pump, i mean).


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