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Re: [IPk] Carb Book

Thanks for sharing that Paul. I find it very encoraging. You're doing what
I'm trying to do, and you're making it work. There is hope yet :-)

>It's strange that the BDA do not advocate carb. counting, here in the US it
>is advocated very strongly, it makes you wonder if the two organisations
>communicate!  I do believe though, that the ADA also still support the
>older, 'exchange method' - I tried this when I was on MDI and found it to be
>grossly inaccurate, so I have been carb. counting for about 4 months now.

Didn't you know? "Type 1 diabetes" in the US is an entirely different
condition from a similarly sounding condition "type 1 diabetes" commonly
found in Britain. That's why British doctors have to find one ideal optimal
set of treatment protocols, which of course differs from what their
American colleagues use to treat US type 1 diabetes. If any Brit used the
"American method", it would be extremely dangerous for everyone. Especially
for the UK doctor who suddenly faces an awkward patient who has the
insolence to demand an insulin pump because he "read about it on the

You get my picture. It's a crazy world. There is no one treatment strategy
you can preach across an entire population. Each to his own. I subscribe,
or have subscribed, to a number of foreign diabetes publications: the ADA's
magazine, the BDA's magazine, the IDDT magazine, Diabetes Update (the BDA's
magazine for healthcare professionals), Diabetes Interview (an independent
US-based diabetes newspaper), Countdown (the JDF magazine), and various
German language diabetes magazines. The different priorities each country
adopts are very interesting. The Germans in particular are very hot on carb
counting and patient empowerment.

I find the JDF mag Countdown a very good read. It has a kids section that
gives wonderfully informed, clear and detailed explanations of things I
didn't know. (Yep! that's right... in the kids section as well) And the
main section is like a fascinating well written medical journal, looking at
all the progress towards finding a cure.


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