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Re: [IPk] Carb Book

I'm very impressed by the amount of effort people put into keeping
records, but like John, I'm lazy :-)
Of course, I know its the best way, but I do everythign in my head.
I do the calculations in my head, I keep track of what I ate and how
much insulin I took in my head. I can usually rememebr prety well what
worked and what didn't.
For example. 2 weeks ago i went to a friend's for dinner. We had
jacket potato, vegetable chilli, salad, followed by ice cream and I
had 4 glasses of white wine (a meal I've never had before). My Bg before was 8.1, I took 3 units
after the main course and another unit after the ice cream. When I got
home at 2am my Bg was 8.7. I deliberately took a little too little
insulin because I didn't want to go hypo. But that would have been the
perfect amount to take had my BG been on target to start with, so I
know that it works for next time.
I agree aboslutely about knowing the reason behind highs and lows. I
would get so furstrated on MDI trying to figure out the reason behind
them all, now at least I generally know the reason why.


> So John, from my experience I have found that meticulous record keeping is a
> 'must'. I can respect Euan's reluctance not to do this, but I cannot agree
> with it, after all the fundamental reason we need insulin is because our
> bodies cannot deal with the carbo naturally, and how can the insulin doses
> be calculated accurately, if we don't know our carbo intake? Without carbo

> Paul
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