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Re: [IPk] Carb Book

> Moira - a number of us (mainly through the diabetes-support mailing list)
> are meeting up in Oxford on Saturday 25 September at the BDA conference. Do
> you fancy joining us? I feel we could usefully bash some heads together
> quite violently...
> John,

Thanks for the kind thoughts, I really appreciate it. I would love to go Oxford on
the 25th to agitate !  I may only be able to come for a few hours as I am flying
off to Holland on Sunday and then heading down to Brussels for the EASD (european
association for the Study of Diabetes) meeting and my neglected husband will
probably be unamused by me jaunting off to Oxford the day before I leave but what
the hell ! What BDA meeting is it anyway, I wasn't aware of a meeting in September.
Is it a living with diabetes day or what ? I had a bit of a panic last night as my
bg went down to 2 before bed and I had to eat a nectarine and a mini snickers to
haul it back up to 5. I then lay in bed worrying that I  was going to go hypo again
and not wake up. It was all the result of my raising two basal rates between 9 and
11p.m. as I seemed to experience a bit of a high bg at ten p.m. I have duly lowered
them again. I am a bit paranoid about nightime hypos as six months a friend of mine
who was only 23 died in his sleep from a hypo. He was staying at his girlfriends
house and when she went to wake him in the morning he was dead. He had alot of
hypos, really bad ones, but it was still a horrible shock and I think I am still
suffering from grief and disbelief that someone that young is gone basically from
something that could have been prevented by a biscuit ! Sorry to get all maudlin

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